The biggest challenge modern societies face today is management of depleting resources. Analysing the current scenario, Greencube Battery is a compact solution that helps to provide a consistent back-up source.


Power is the backbone of the industrial sector. Adequate supply and storage of power is crucial for the smooth functioning of industries. Today, we are in the age of harnessing newer renewable sources to secure the depletion of natural resources. Greencube battery provides substantial power storage that helps maximise potential of the industrial sector. It is designed to meet the rising demands and provide optimum performance under any climatic conditions.


In the wake of technological advancements, industries and corporate sectors function substantially via electronic devices. Obstruction in power supply can bring the entire industry to a standstill. To ensure the smooth functioning of the sector, a major part of the power supply is stored as a back-up to avoid unnecessary interruptions. At present we secure power for electronic devices through a UPS, but they have many restrictions. Greencube Battery provides an adequate back-up storage, making it an all-in-one power solution. It provides a seamless backup of reserve energy in all critical apparatus that need a continuous supply of power. This guarantees maximum reliability of power, even under the most severe environmental and operational conditions.


The telecommunication revolution has changed the way the world functions, it provides connectivity to the most distant and inaccessible areas within seconds. RCube is association with Fraunhofer IKTS is geared to create an innovative and powerful stationary accumulation system that provides a consistent reserve of energy in the most rural and remote areas of the country. Based on an innovative technology, we provide a fast track solution that involves generating, storing and managing power supply for longer durations.